7 Best Office Organization Tips to Get You Organized Now

7 Best Office Organization Tips to Get You Organized Now

Being productive whether working from home or in the office is important, and a neat and organized work space makes for higher productivity and saves you time.

Follow these 7 best office organization tips to get organized now, and improve your productivity.

Purge clutter

The easiest way to get your office space clean and organized is to remove everything that you don’t need. This includes papers you don’t need anymore, old items you don’t need anymore, and anything that no longer works.

Once you remove all the excess clutter that isn’t needed, it will be easier for you to organize your important items.

Organize a Filing System

Although many people are starting to use digital files, you likely still have important papers and documents that need space. Creating and organizing a filing system that works for you is key in keeping you organized.

Store any older documents that you don’t need right away in a filing cabinet, or storage boxes. We like this file cart from Onyx. It’s perfect to use just on your own, or for a whole department to share files.

filing cart to organize your office

Label your Documents

Take time to label your newly organized filing system, and any old files to save time later on. 

This is especially useful if you share a space with coworkers or a home office with family.

If you need a label maker, try this portable label maker from Brother.

portable label maker

Create a Calendar

You can choose to use an online calendar or a physical calendar, but either way, this helps you stay organized with meetings, appointments, and family events. Having one spot to write things down or note them digitally is a necessity.

Themed Notebooks

One way to stop excessive post-its littering your office is to have a few themed notebooks to make notes and write down important information. You could also use a digital version like a notes app if you prefer even less clutter.

Have a Tidying Habit

Once you have your office space organized and tidy, make it a habit to keep it this way. File or shred unneeded papers, throw away old to-do lists, and get rid of any clutter.

Invest in Proper Furniture

Having a proper desk and chair is good for your space, and your body (posture). Make sure to choose a desk that has adequate workspace and storage. 

We like this cool height adjustable workstation, so you can switch to sit or stand while you work.

adjustable workstation

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